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 AMD Athlon 64 3200+  A custom computer for a Photoshop aficionado, this speedy computer features an AMD Athlon 64 3200+, a Asus K8V motherboard with 1 gig of Corsair PC-3200 ram, and lots of hard drive space in a really nice Antic case. Dual boots with Windows 2000 or XP-64 beta.


Arthur: AMD Athlon 2400+, Asus mATX motherboard, 756 megs ram, all in a wooden case from a 1930s radio

The interior of Arthur

 The EasyBake 8000Z The EasyBake 8000Z: Please click here for more pictures and specs on the EasyBake 8000Z!


The Z3, a computer in a tiny Lite-Brite cube!

A full-featured computer in a Lite-Brite Cube! Click Here for details!

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